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Die DJI Mavic Pro ist eine kompakte, faltbare Drohne, die Videos in 4K Qualität aufzeichnet. Sie kam im November 2016 auf den Markt. Modellnummer: M1P Modellnummer der Fernbedienung: GL200A

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Image jumping on screen

I crashed my drone today, clipped a wall and fell about 3m onto grass. Apart from a few scratches there wasn't any damage but now when I fly it there's a flicker every 2-3 seconds in the image. What could have broken? Any advice?

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The gimbal is the device, which ensures your camera is always horizontal and stable. DJI Mavic Pro gimbal has 3 axis and is mounted on the drone via gimbal vibration absorption board. To control the movement of these axes, it is connected via gimbal flex cable to the mainboard and video feed is provided via video signal cable. If there is a problem with this part affecting your camera it is possible to be repaired.

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