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Lenovo IdeaPad, Yoga Series. Released October 2013, 13.3 inch screen, 8 GB RAM, 2 GHz CPU, 512 GB SSD.

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has my moltherboard failed?

When I turn on the computer, the keyboard starts blinking about every 2 or 3 seconds. The screen never lights up. I can turn it off by holding on/off button for 15 or so seconds. But every time I turn it on same thing happens.

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Hi @tyng98 ,

Can you hear the fan running?

If so, try connecting an external monitor to the HDMI port to see if there is any display present at all after you turn on the laptop and hopefully Windows has loaded.

If there is a display on the external monitor, try holding a torch at an angle close to the IdeaPad's LCDscreen to check if you can detect an image there.


Mine does the same thing and you can't hear the fan spin up when you try to turn it on. It doesn't even post, can't even get to the bios.


Hi Lachlan Weibe,

Are there any indications evident when you connect and switch on the charger and then if there are does anything happen when you try to turn the IdeaPad on?


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I have had this same model come into my shop with this same issue. I replaced the BIOS chip. No change. I was able to get it to boot for a second by removing the CMOS battery but It blue screened almost immediately. These boards are terrible.

So in short, Yes your motherboard has failed.

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I have come to the same conclusion. I found that a motherboard costs about $300. I tried to contact Lenovo, but their customer service would not talk to me once they learned it was out of warranty. I finally wrote a letter to their US office asking them to stand behind their product. Doubt that I will hear from them again.


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My wife also has this problem with a Surface Laptop. The only solution that I have come up with is holding the power button until the device powers off (abt. 10 seconds) and then turning it back on.

I'm not certain this is the cause, but my wife hardly ever "shuts down" windows. She just prefers to close the lid, which may cause the computer to do a variety of things. All of those settings are available in the power settings menu under "Change what happens when I close the lid..."

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This did not fix it. I did hold down the power button for 15 seconds and the computer did turn off. But when I powered on again the same blinking occurred. I did take it to a repair shop and they did say it was the motherboard. Thanks for trying to help.


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