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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), or simply the Super Nintendo, is a 16bit gaming console released by Nintendo in 1990. The Super Nintendo was one of the best sellers of its time and still has a large fanbase today.

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Why Does My Start and Select AND D Pad Not Work?

I wasn’t playing Super Mario World, and i was playing all gone until i dropped my SNES Controller on the ground. I heard a little *smack* and i continued to play for a while until i realized my start and select, as well as my d Pad. So if anyone had any suggestions or any repairs shops that wk be great, thanks!

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Probably cracked the board inside and broke the conductive traces between d-pad start and select buttons and the encoder that sends the data back to the snes. not much you can do unless you can find another controller with damaged casing and/or buttons but the circuit board is intact.

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