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The TI-84 Plus CE is a graphing calculator released in Spring 2015 by Texas Instruments. It includes a 2.8 inch color screen, USB port, apps, storage, and a 1200 mAh battery.

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Why does my graphing screen keep saying "error: invalid dimension"?

I drew a circle one time, after that my graphing screen doesn't work anymore. I rely on the graphing screen a lot to check my work so if it doesn't work it's a problem for me.

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for me is the same when I tried to graph an histogram, it says invalid dimension error and below 1Quit. How can I solve this?


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Hi Clara,

The ERR:INVALID DIMENSION error message may occur if you are trying to graph a function that does not involve the stat plot features. The error can be corrected by turning off the stat plots. To turn the stat plots off, press y , and then select 4:PlotsOff.

You specified a list dimension as something other than an integer between 1 and 999.

You specified a matrix dimension as something other than an integer between 1 and 99.

You attempted to invert a matrix that is not square.

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