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Repair guides and support for Nextbook tablets.

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Why does my screen keep going into a black mode everytime I use

Every time i am attempting to use my tablet, the screen goes into a blackish gray jumping like state and i have to continuously turn the tablet off and turn it back on. That still does not work. I purchased the tablet in march or april and never used it so it has no external damage to make this problem occur. It is still in brand new condition and this issue should not be constantly happening.

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Hey, I picked up a Nextbook Ares 8 (I believe) January 24, 2019. I set up my tablet it was working fine dowloaded about 5 apps. It was all acting okay until the 27th I believe. My tablet died I plugged it in and let it get to full battery. I shut it on and i could see the nextbook logo and the powered by android at the bottom. I didn't drop it harm it in anyway shape or form and when it was done through its logo start up a grey screen will pop up. I have tried YouTube, Google, and other websites and nothing has seem to be working. Do you think you could help with my problem. Thanks in advance.


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As you state that "i have to continuously turn the tablet off and turn it back on", how long does the tablet function correctly before it develops the problem?

Does it do this when you have the charger connected?

You could try a hard reset to see if it clears the problem.

Be aware that a hard reset will restore the tablet to a factory default condition. All your data and downloaded apps will be erased. It will be like when you first bought it.

Here is how to perform a hard reset.

1. Make sure that the tablet is actually powered off.

2. Press the "Power" and the "Volume Up" buttons, together, until you see the start-up logo on the screen.

3. Once you can see the logo, release the buttons and allow the device to enter the "System Recovery Mode".

4. Next use "Volume Down" button to get to the "wipe data/factory reset" option When in recovery mode the "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" buttons are how to can navigate and highlight what option you need.

5. Once you have selected the "wipe data/factory reset", press the "Power" button to select that option.

6. On the following screen, repeatedly press the "Volume Down" button until the "Yes - delete all user data" option is what is selected.

7. Then press the "Power" button to hard reset the tablet.

If a hard reset doesn't solve the problem then it seems as though there may be a hardware problem with the tablet.

As you have said that you have only had it since last March-April, it should be still covered by the 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

I suggest that you consult the warranty statement that came with the tablet as to what you have to do to make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair or replacement. If you cannot find the warranty statement here is a link to the Nextbook warranty provisions (for the USA anyway, search online if you are in a different location.)

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Hello. I tried to complete the hard reset procedure. When press the volume and power button it takes me to a reboot screen, When i press on android it reboot the tablet but does not hard reset. And the same problem continues to occur when i open up an app



When you hold the volume up and power buttons together (operate Volume Up first, then while still holding it, press and hold the Power button), does it take you to the Nextbook logo?

If so hold the Power and Volume Up buttons for about 5-7 seconds after the logo appears and then release them and hopefully it will go into the recovery mode. Then continue as per the instructions above


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Hi @jevonxlegend ,

Try a hard reset, (see procedure in Chosen Solution above)and see if this restores the tablet.

Be aware that a hard reset will erase all your data and downloaded apps. It will restore the tablet to its’ factory default condition. It will be like when you first bought it.

If a hard reset doesn’t resolve the problem, as it has been recently purchased, consult the warranty statement that should be with the documentation that came with the tablet, as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

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I have tried hard reset and it dosen't give any options it will still show grey.


I will try. Thanks for the quick reply


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