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Das Apple iPhone 5s wurde am 10. September 2013 angekündigt. Ausgerüstet mit Schraubenziehern und Hebelwerkzeugen geht die Reparatur ähnlich vonstatten wie bei den Vorgängermodellen. Verfügbar mit GSM oder CDMA mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB in silber, gold und space grau.

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Could not activate iPhone server cant be reached after factory reset

Im so hopeless right now please help is my 5s blocked ?

Im running ios 11.0.3 i factory reset my iphone and suddenly it wont activate i try using itunes it goes error changing sim nothing works in fact even no sim on the phone it still says could not activate iphone because apple server cant be reached etc.

What should i do i tried downgrading it on lowest version possible which is ios 11.0.1 nothing works still error

What to do i dont have money to buy new one

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What error message are you getting from iTunes?

In the meantime, I would try another Lightning cable and possibly another computer if you have access to one. Also, remove the SIM card and clean it with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol will do but if you have higher grade, then use that). Once it's dry, re-insert it.

If that doesn't work, I would wait a while, perhaps there is a problem with the connection to the activation server. Maybe re-start your computer or network connection.

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Error then numbers ok i will try cleaning the sim it just says on the iphone itself not on itunes could not activate because the server cant be reached etc fpr 2 days on itunes didnt work even on other pc


Nothing works


Im dead even technicians here dont know how to solve it they try putting interposer chip still doesnt works restoring etc nothing works the server is stable maybe my iphone is blocked by the server ?


@kobexkyrie What error number are you getting?


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My 1st time of even owning an iphone and i only have it as i was given an iphone 5c and i reset it thinking i`ll start from scratch and i have exact same problem!This is why i have always said i don`t like them because of the complications!It`s just another way for apple to make money in my opinion and in the meantime i`m without a phone!Thanks apple!

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Connect your iPhone to iTunes with an active Internet connection. See if iTunes will activate the phone.

You may need to restore to 11.2.1 via iTunes for this to work. Do a restore, not an Update.

Alternatively, I think the question that is avoided is "Who is your carrier?" Some MVNOs need to be called, contacted via live chat, or emailed and need to be live on hand while the activation occurs.

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