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HD Action Kamera veröffentlicht am 5. Oktober 2014

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My gopro freezes even after changing the sensor from IFIX

hello all,

my gopro has been freezing and getting super hot lately. which led me to get anew sensor as many people suggest that as a solution. but in vain, the issue was not in the sensor. any help with that ????

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You got an SD card which is on GO pros recommended list?

I had a hero 4 which was freezing, and they asked for the model number, and replaced with no questions.

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Hello Duane,

Thank you for your reply but I dont think that the sd is the one causing the issue Because I have been using a recommended card in addition I called gopro support and they confirmed that is a manufactured problem and I dont have warranty. I thought that the problem was in the sensor but in vain. Yesterday, I opened the camera to check the thermal paste which was partially removed from one of the cpu or something similar to a cpu, I believe this can be the main issue specially with for causing heat.

Now, I have another issue. While casing the camera I couldnt connect the red cable that is responsible for the Wi-Fi bottom and capture button. I have lost a tinny small white thing that helps to connect.

Do you know any workaround solution to connect that cable????


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Bonjour Abdelhak, je suis aussi du Maroc je veux stp savoir si vous avez trouvez la solution car moi aussi j’ai le même souçi, est ce que je peux vous contactez ?

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