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Das Apple iPhone 5c wurde am 10. September 2013 angekündigt. Ausgerüstet mit Schraubenziehern und Hebelwerkzeugen, geht die Reparatur ähnlich vonstatten wie bei den Vorgängermodellen. Verfügbar mit GSM oder CDMA mit 8, 16 oder 32 GB in weiß, pink, gelb, blau und grün.

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My iPhone got wet and the screen only dislays black

I drop my iphone accidentally on a bucket of water. It didn't get fully drowned but about halfway. The screen then displayed distorted colors and all. I turned it off immediately and placed it in a container with rice and let it sit for about 5 nights. I tried to open it last night but nothing appears on the screen so I thought it died but then the led flashed, sign that it turned on. I tried to bring it to a repair store and they said that it is grounded and short circuited it also needs some cleaning as there are white spots when he tried to lift some connections. He's charging me big bucks for the cleaning of the logic board. If anyone knows my iphone's diagnosis or how i can clean it myself and if it's just the lcd that is damaged. Thank you

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Here's one of @refectio 's exellent answers:

If you are comfortable opening up the phone, you can try :

Open your phone and remove the logic board (follow this guide)

Inspect the logic board, especially around the connectors and look for corrosion.

Inspect both sides of the board. Unfortunately, 80% of the board is covered in shields. That's usually where the damage is occurring.

Put your board in a container with >90% isopropyl alcohol and let it sit for a while.

Use a soft brush, like a toothbrush and lightly brush away any corrosion you see.

Rinse in alcohol and repeat.

Let it air dry for a day.

Re-assemble and hope for the best.

You should also consider getting a new battery

A professional repair shop that does water damage repair may be able to recover your phone or the data because they have access to pro-level ultrasonic baths and specialized cleaners as well as the skills (and parts) to troubleshoot your board. Many shops have a no fix/no fee policy so you don't have to spend money to find out if the phone is fixable or not.

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If it still buzzes with notifications then it is the LCD display, but if not it is probably a completely fried motherboard and/or logic board.

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