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The DigiLand DL701Q is a 8GB tablet with a quad core 1.3Ghz Mediatek processor.

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Help Set up wizzard

I set up a Google account


I have WiFi network connection

And when I click next is loading and then

It pop up a message saying !!!!!!!setup wizard has stopped!!!

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How do I setup my tablet wizard keeps popping up


Hi have yuou been able to set up ur device


I'm having the same issue. How do you reset back to the factory settings to be able to start all over again


Have you figured anything out having the same problem


Trying to set up the wizard on my tablet and it keeps on saying the wizard has shut down I don't know what to do


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I had the same problem. To log in dont put any info in at first( no wifi, name, ext) , then when you are in thats when you can fill all of it in

( do allow setup wizard)

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here is the fix to this problem on the Digiland DL-7006 and may work on others as well. follow steps carefully.


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First power off the tablet

Second press and hold volume down and power until the digital screen appears

Third as soon as digiland screen appears press volume up, down, and power repeatedly over and over

Fourth use the volume down to select the Chinese symbol third from bottom with Emm in it

Last wait for tablet to power on, it will take a while. When it powers on skip everything. Do not connect to Wi-Fi or set email or tablet pin, SKIP EVERYTHING

tablet should unlock and you can set it up from settings >accounts *add account

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