The Samsung SHG-A237 is a quad-band world roaming phone with a VGA camera, MMS, an external display, and a speakerphone.

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screen broken - but just want to get photos and files

My old At&T phone Samsung sgh-a237

Phone line is deactivated as of a few years ago. Old sim card still in the phone, but i know all the stuff hasn't been saved to the SIM.

The screen is broken and i want to get the photos and files off, and whatever else possible.

On the user manual it looks like i can only do this througha text message or HP’s Snapfish (whatever that is) ...Is there another way?

I am missing the data cable i think, but don't remember it being able to be used for data transfer, i could possibly get a new one on ebay.

Update (10/22/2017)

i am reading that i may need the software and driver for the cable to work - do you know of any safe websites to find it?

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Samsung has PC Studio 3 with which you can use to grab the information you need.

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@dreambeam best to get the data cable. When you plug that into the computers USB port and power up your phone, your OS should see the phone as a portable device and should show in the "Computer" folder. You should now have access to it like you do with any other medium (USB drives etc.)

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@oldturkey03 not sure if this applies. This does not run Android OS (it runs BREW OS) was supported only up to Windows 2000.


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