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The Sony Extra Bass Headphones Model: MDR-XB450AP, are a high end pair of headphones that are manufactured by Sony. Features an omni-directional microphone for Bluetooth capabilities.

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Right side not working

In the gym, i the wire of my headphones got pulled during my workout. Since then, I the right side is not working. I followed a guide to disassemble the right side of the headphones and found that the solders to the speaker were intact. Everything seems fine, I don't doubt any damage to the speaker, as they were working fine just before the wire got pulled. What else could the problem be? I am attaching a few photos after disassembly, please look into them and report the cause as to why the right side is not working.

P.S. The left side is working fine.

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Hey Vikram, I have same problem with my headphones? Did the other mentioned solution worked?


Mawose, I'm sorry for making you wait for the 3 days for the anwer, but the answer did work. Actually, I found out that this problem often occurs because the one of the solders at the jack has got loose, or at times broken.


What part is the broken part?


It's the same problem of my headphone but I can't find the source of problem can you help me


Can you provide a picture of the problem? Since i dismantle my headphone i don't see any problem in the wire they're still intact.


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Your head phones wire broke off from somewhere in between the pin and the right side speaker connection which is quite thin .

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thank you Chris


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