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The Acer Chromebook 11 was released in December 2015. It can be identified by its model name: CB3-131-C3KD.

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I can't hear any sound. What could be causing this?

I can't get my Chromebook to produce any sound. The volume is turned up to the highest setting, but it still won't work.

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I’m searching for answers to wonder why?


my headphones output socket will not grip properly and sometimes sound cuts out completely


I can't hear any sound in my Chromebook. The speakers must be wet. What do I do?


@Debbie Winkelman

What is the model number of your laptop?

Why would the speakers be wet? Have you spilled any liquids on the laptop?

If you have DO NOT try to charge or to turn on the laptop.

It needs to be opened and first the battery needs to be disconnected from the motherboard and then the rest of the laptop inspected and cleaned of any liquids and corrosion that is seen using Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ (available from electronics parts stores).

After that it can be tested to see what any problems are


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Try changing the sound output. Click on your account photo, and next to the volume slider, click the Right Arrow. See if you can change where the sound comes from. Please check out our troubleshooting page under the 'sound problems' section for more information.

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In most circumstances that involve Chromebook speaker issues (especially in Chromebooks, as they tend to be weak) the problem with them is that water has gotten into them or they have been tampered with. If this is the case, you should buy a new set of speakers. The other possibility: If you have taken your Chromebook apart before, you may have forgotten to plug your speakers back in or plugged them in the wrong area. It depends on what Chromebook brand and model you are using, however. Then again, it may be something as simple as you have blown them out by playing heavy metal too loud.

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If you have blown them out, you will definitely need a new speaker.


I have had this problem before on my Acer Chromebook 11 C720-P


To be honest, when I had that problem with my Chromebook, it appeared because several different parts on the Chromebook were simultaneously frying themselves for whatever reason. The Chromebook broke, and I got rid of it, as it would not even turn on...


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