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The second generation (KK) Jeep Liberty, a compact 4-door SUV that restored the classic sharp lines of the original Jeep styling.

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Transmission shift solenoid "A"

I have a Jeep Liberty 2012 my problem with it is that if today I put water in 4 days when I go check on it I don't find any water on the radiator I check for leak and I can't find any. I would like if anyone have an ideal about that issue may be can help me see what is wrong it for me to fix it. and again to the same jeep Liberty 2012 I have a code P0750 trouble: shift Solenoid "A" malfunction. For that code first I did a trans. Tune up make sure I change the Trans. Filter and the trans. Oil but give the same error code. I would like to know if I'm going to changing shift Solenoid "A" which one going to be the shift Solenoid "A" because it has four solenoid?

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When checking the fluid level are you following the manufacturer guidelines . The engine needs to be running at operating temp and the vehicle needs to be running . If not you wont have enough fluid in the trans . Did you use the right trans fluid for the vehicle. May transmissions have been ruined by the wrong trans fluid . Did you clear the code after the fluid was replaced . It may take some time for the valve to clear after the new fluid and filter are done . There is also, in this codes case , a possibility its not a transmission problem but a idle problem . If the ECM does not detect the proper rpm it doesn't shift and if theres a problem with the throttle body it wont shift properly, just something to check . One last thing to check , You mentioned your loosing coolant . does your transmission have its own cooler or does it share a cooler in the rad? In other words is there lines coming from the trans into the side of the rad , if so check the rad fluid for signs of oil and the trans fluid for signs of coolant. As for the coolant leak do a pressure test to see if it holds pressure. put paper down after you fill it to see if theres coolant anywhere . a leakdown test will help here as well to determine if you have a head gasket problem . Are you experiencing overheating ? are you seeing any white smoke from the exhaust. Just some things to look for . Hope this helps

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Thank you for taking the time to write me back and read the memo I wrote about the transmission problem I have on the Jeep Liberty 2012...

I had checked the transmission to see if there's some water mixed with the Oil, unfortunately, there's no water mixing with the oil. I had checked the Rad. for any oil mixed with the water; there's no oil mixing to the rad. water, there's no white smoke that comes out from the exhaust. Early today I had check under the Jeep for the trace of oil from the transmission I had finally see a little oil and I believe that's the smell of the oil coming out from there, but it still has the symptom when it gets to 40 MPH it shift but is not shifting that smooth and it makes a moaning noise keep that noise all the way but when you slow down the noise gone. but for that, I think I should change the shift solenoid A.

one question, do you have a diagram for the shift solenoid A, or which one will be the A? Because it has four (4) solenoids inside the trans.

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