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Distributed by Verizon, the Ellipsis 7 is an Android 4.4 KitKat tablet that features a 7" display and a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor. Can also be identified with the model number QMV78.

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My tablet is not changing when I plug it on

Sometimes I have to hold it in a certain place so it will change.

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When you are able to charge the tablet by moving the charging cable in a certain position this can indicate a damaged cable or an issue with the charge port. If you have not tried a different cable or charger to charge the tablet then I would recommend trying that first. If you know the charge cable works fine with other devices then you can safely assume it's the charge port causing issues. Sometimes the charge ports solder joints weaken over time and crack. Or the pins in the charge port may break. Any time you can charge a device by holding a known working charging cable in a certain position it is a issue with the charge port having a loose or broken connection to the motherboard, a broken pin, or similar damage. So if you find it's not an issue with the cable then you will likely need the charge port replaced if it's damaged or simply resoldered if the charge port is undamaged and has a loose connection caused by cracked solder joints. So start by troubleshooting with a known working cable, if it still only charges in a certain position time to replace or resolder ( if possible) the charge port. You can replace the charge port with help from this guide.

Verizon Ellipsis 7 Charging Port Replacement

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Hi @theresag29 ,

Just to add to BurnieG 's excellent answer, can I suggest that you also visually inspect the tablet's charge port using a strong light and a magnifying glass.

Check that the pins are all there, are of the same length and that they are straight and parallel with each other. Also check if there is dirt or lint trapped in the port enclosure. This can prevent a good electrical connection between the cable and the port connectors. Admittedly this is more of a problem with mobile phones than tablets as they tend to get placed in clothes pockets etc where lint collects.

It never hurts to check anyway as it doesn't take long and if everything checks out OK at least you have eliminated this possibility.


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