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How to replace asus ux360c touchscreen?


i have a broken touch screen on my asus ux360c laptop.

i found a replacment touch screen

can anyone tell me if it is posible to replace only the touch screen?

are special tools/adhesive needed?

thank you

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Rather typing in here you must watch in YouTube to get an idea to replace the screen.

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i search here and on youtube before posting , didnt find anything regarding this model


Ok you need size 00 Phillips screwdriver, 4mm hex bit, plastic triangle or card splunger or guitar pick would do to pull out the screen, heat gun to heat the digitizer/touch screen so that the adhesive will loosen up the screen and it can be pulled off. To put back you have 4mm adhesive strips to glue the screen. Hope it helps. You can search for Asus flipbook or look for a similar model procedure is mostly the same


@chris7up are you sure? There are no cable connection or anything else?


@chris7up At the risk of seeming insensitive, this is not a very informative answer. All you said was "go look it up", in your original post.


I got the same problem, does anybody find out how to replace it?


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