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Office inkjet printer released in January of 2009. Model number G510n.

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Why wont my printer power on?

My hp officejet 4500 will not power on. I have checked the cord and it is working. Can this be fixed?

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Ive replaced the power adapter cord already. Have already done everything u mentiones actually.


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Annetta , have you had any power outages , close lightning strikes , or power surges or brown downs recently ? Does this printer have a in cord power adapter ( small box on the cord)? If so replace the cord and power adapter . This is probably the cause . If it happens to have an internal power adapter its more difficult to replace . You may also want to check the power outlet your plugging into and make sure is working . You should be connected to a surge protector. If so try connecting straight into the wall outlet . If this brings joy then replace the surge protector . Hope this helps

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Hi @jimfixer

Power outages etc may look like a strong possibility -note same OP asked 20 minutes earlier

Why wont my television power on? The green light comes on and then out


No power outages and i use a surge protector. We were watching tv then it just powered off.



Just playing devil's advocate.

Did the 2 events, printer and TV fail around the same time. I realize that perhaps you mightn't be aware of the printer failing until later, so was it working after the TV failed?

Is the surge protector for the whole house or does each (or selected) power outlet(s) have one?

Does your surge protector give an indication that it has operated in the event of a power surge or is it one of those sacrificial types that protect once and give no indication that they have operated and after that they offer no protection but the power is still being supplied?

I'm asking this because it seems very coincidental to have two electronic devices suffer from power problems around about the same time.

What is the make and model number of the surge protector if it is the type connected to the power outlet?


@jayeff good catch on the previous post . I hadn't noticed that one . @akhatz

Yes I defiantly think the surge protector could be an issue here


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