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14" Chromebook manufactured by HP.

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Accidentally erased my Windows 10

I accidentally erased all data and Windows laptop what can I do

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What do you mean by "accidentally erased all data and Windows"? You can't erase the Windows files even if you are the system admin, they are protected. Also, the laptop you mentioned does not come with MS Windows, it's a Chromebook, runs Chrome OS. Please give us more details: did you install Windows on that Chromebook? Is that you laptop? What did you do that you lost all those files?


Hi @alexniculescu ,

Win 10 ISO gives option for partitions to be deleted for clean install when installing Win 10 from USB.


@jayeff I know that, but I assumed that the OP did something else, I mean he didn't give us much detail anyway.


Hi @alexniculescu ,

Fair enough.

But mentioning Windows on a Chromebook makes you think of other possibilities


@jayeff It isn't possible to install Windows on a Chromebook without deep technical knowledge. For one you'd have to have a Chromebook with a Windows variant. Another Chromebooks don't have BIOS's, so you'd have to install one.

I don't know what this user did, but I'll assume they deleted their Windows partitions of of their drive.


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If you formatted your drive on accident, there is still a chance. Get another computer, and mount your old hard drive on it. Then, use this software to try and recover your list data: https://www.powerdatarecovery.com/lost-p...

It may or may not be successful at recovering your neccacery but it should be enough to at least get some of your data.

If it can't recover the OS, use a bootable USB stick to re-install Windows. I can provide a guide when you tell me your version of Windows.

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