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Released in May 2014, the Chromebook 2 features an 11.6" display, Intel Celeron processor, and a 16GB SSD. Identified by model number XE500C12-K01US.

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I am having no luck removing back off the Chromebook 2

I ordered the plastic tool for removing the back off my Chromebook. The instructions on the iFixit page state to remove 9 screws. Mine only has 5 screws which I removed. The tool does not slide into the rim on the back to loosen it. It seems to be stuck in the corners but I don't see any more screws. Also my model number ends in A01US not K01US but it is listed as a Chromebook 2. Help.

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The screws are hidden under the rubber feet that are on the bottom . Try removing the feet and see if there's screws hidden under them . Hope this helps


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Thanks so much. I thought there might be screws under the pads but had trouble trying to loosen them . I let my frustration get the better of me. I watched the video. Lots of help. I ma very grateful.


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