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Apple AirPods sind kabellose Kopfhörer, die im Dezember 2016 auf den Markt kamen.

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Help I washed my airpods in a washing machine

Guys my AirPods and airpods charging case I washed it in a washing machine bymistakely forgot I had it in my pocket help…the green led light is not illuminating it doesn't work help if any one has any solution about it plz do share

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My suggestion would be to put them in a bag of rice overnight. The rice will help draw out the water. If this doesn't work then I'm afraid you will need to buy a new pair since the water has likely killed the electrical components. It might also be worth letting them stay in the bag of rice for a few days. Good luck!

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That is a myth. Rice is not a desiccant, and only blocks air flow. Keep them warm with a lamp and fan.


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