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LTE-Version des iPad Mini 3. Es wurde am 16. Oktober 2014 angekündigt und ist der Nachfolger des iPad mini 2.

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Needing board component names/numbers for repairing water damaged iPad

I recently purchased a water damaged iPad mini 3, after looking at the iPad under the microscope I can see the lcd connector, and roughly 5 of the sourounding capacitors/filters are visibly damaged.

I’m looking to replace these damaged parts, but can’t find any schematics for the mini 3 to find out what bits I need to order in,

Does anyone have any idea what the sourounding components are please?

I do have a picture I can email over also to help pin point which ones.

Kind regards


Update (11/01/2017)

Block Image

That shows the damage done

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Yeah, I can't find anything either on ZXW. Perhaps if someone has FiveCore they can confirm if it's on that platform. I would post the picture so we can all see it.


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Based on what I can see within ZXW, the mini 2 and mini 3 appear to have identical LCD connectors and layout. I have attached a screenshot of the mini 3, which has no parts identified and the mini 2 which does. I would refer to the mini 2 schematic for all of the component specs.

Not ideal but this is probably as good as you'll find. Good luck!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Funnily enough i have just been having a look at a mini 2 board I have here under the microscope compairing the two.

But that helps a lot more, so thank you very much for that! Now I just need to hope they have the same components, will get some ordered and try it though!


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