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Office inkjet printer released in January of 2009. Model number G510n.

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Why are color prints printing with a pink hue.

ink tanks are full.

the color is not of good quality

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Your cyan cartridge needs to be checked. Printers don’t use blue in at all, instead they combine magenta and cyan to give a deeper blue and add yellow and black if necessary. If however your printer cannot put cyan ink to paper they can produce a very unnatural shade of pink in its place.

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How do you get the cyan ink to the paper? Mine printer started doing this after I changes the cartridges. I changed them again , but cyan is still no showing up. Help !

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I too changed the cartridge and I am gettting part pink now and part blue. Doesn't make any sense to me.


Its possible the contacts or flat cable were damaged in the changing of the cartridges. Turn off the printer, using a flashlight visually inspect the contacts in the cartridge carriage. Dont try to 'force' anything, or poke at it, those flat copper colored cables can be finicky, and sometimes they rip easy. All the contacts should be about the same height, slowly insert a cartridge, possibly add some sharpie ink to the pads to see if they do indeed make contact (there should be some ink transfer if they're making contact. Use some isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip to clean off the contacts afterwards).

Its not likely that you got 2 bad cartridges in a row, but it is possible if they were part of the same lot. Maybe try gently running a chemwipe (low lint, ie coffee filter) with alcohol over the ink head CAREFULLY!!!

If the contacts are fine, and the spray head is fine, then the problem is somewhere in the electrical signals from the (C/M)PU to the cartridge. Unfortunately that diagnosis is a bit advanced....


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