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Why are holes forming in the aluminum pans?

So I do salads and I put a number of my toppings in the small square aluminum pans. Items like cucumbers tomatoes chesee feta mozzarella and so on on the cold storage side. Recently I have been coming back the next day after wrapping the containers with foil an leaving in chiller for next day I see water underneath on close inspection I see little holes in a few pans. Looking like something ate a hole?

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You say you use it for salads. Do you by chance use vinegar?


OK thanks but it's the thick aluminum pans that are getting the hole not the foil


"The acids in the food likely eat through the pots or foil"


I am having trouble with my fruit crisps also eating hole in the aluminum when I bake them in aluminum pans.


@Debbie Nixdorf - I would use a Pyrex baking dish instead or a coated pan.


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Aluminum is great for cooking, but terrible for storage! The acids in the food likely eat through the pots or foil.

If you are going to use aluminum foil for storage get the coated with Teflon. I also recommend you use coated cookware as well.

Some studies have linked aluminum with Alzheimer's (buildup in the brain). While not definitive I would recommend using less of it.

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Aluminum foil coated with teflon? I have not heard of that. That sounds pretty slick!


Wow, I'll have to keep an eye out for that.


Teflon is a known carcinogen, or rather the process with which Teflon is used to coat is a known carcinogen! You should avoid using it altogether. If you get chips or scratches in Teflon coating on cookware you already own, for instance, throw them out. You should not use aluminum foil coated with it, without doing your own research.

(The link between aluminum and Alzheimer's is really not proven, though there seems to be ample evidence that heating aluminum foil is dangerous--not the case with storing salad, obviously. But the dangers of PFOA used in the manufacture of Teflon cookware has even been acknowledged by DuPont, the EPA etc. and Du Pont is paying out in spades for knowing this but continuing to use it despite EPA warning. Just one of many, many articles on the subject: http://fortune.com/2016/07/07/dupont-ohi... )

Re your aluminum pans. In addition to corrosion, are you using a fork in preparation or serving? Even with thicker disposable pans, it's pretty easy to poke tiny little holes with fork tines.


Morningsidefreecycler - Not that simple! The finished product Teflon is safe! It's the chemicals that are used to make it that are not! The EPA report is on PFOA not Teflon! By your title are you a recycler? If you are you may have problems getting the smelters to accept Teflon coated metals! The reason is the burning of it at the high temps they use gasify the Teflon (decomposes it) will release some other chemicals which are toxic to the environment. Here's a good write up: Teflon Pans and Cancer: Is There a Link? and Aluminum smelting safety


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Zaahir Muhammad as everybody else is already alluding to this is most likely caused by the foods you store. Aluminium is not just corroded by acids but also by alkalinity. So you do need to watch what you store. Here is a quick list of the pH of common food items. Approximate_pH.pdf

Line your pans with wax paper and you'd be safe.

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