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The Nikon Coolpix AW130 is a point-and-shoot camera released by Nikon in 2015.

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stripped out triPod mounting hole in the aw130

how can you fix a stripped tripod mounting hole in the aw130

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1 Antwort

Camera tripod mounts are a standardized 1/4-20 threaded rod. That is, 1/4 in diameter by 20 threads per inch. Cameras usually feature either pieces of metal that have a threaded 1/4-20 hole or a stamped 1/4-20 insert. When manufacturers penny pinch to oblivion, they tap or injection mold a 1/4-20 hole into plastic. In this case, Nikon decided to cheap out and implement a plastic 1/4-20 mount on your camera. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to re-thread that mount hole on your camera.

Usually, when a threaded hole strips in a piece of metal, you have a few options. You can clean up the threads by running a tap for the specific type of machined hole through the threads to remove any unwanted debris or buildups. Or you can drill deeper and thread that portion and use a longer bolt. Or worst case scenario, you can drill the hole out and heli-coil the hole.

In your case, you can't do any of these options, because you have a plastic 1/4-20 mount. Your best option is to try to buy a replacement part. Unfortunately, Nikon decided to stop selling consumers replacement parts, and force all consumers to pay for in-house repair. Source:


I just checked nikon's new part page and all they sell are rubber grips and some double sided tape. I checked your model and there are no parts available.

In addition, here's someone who has the exact same issue:


Your Options:

  • If your camera is under warranty, send it in for repair. It should be covered.
  • You can try to buy a "for parts" camera on ebay and repair it. However, the part you get will still develop the same issue over time. The "for parts" camera may even have a broken 1/4-20 mount too.
  • If it is not under warranty, I would just sell it on ebay or epoxy the hole and drill and tap a smaller diameter hole. However that will likely be a silly idea, as all photo tripods use 1/4-20 and you would then have to make a custom tripod mount adapter.
  • Nikon clearly cut too many corners here and produced a sub-par quality good. If you decide to purchase a different camera in the future, make sure it has a metal 1/4-20 mount, and make sure the manufacturer of that camera is willing to sell parts to consumers. Canon, Panasonic and Sony all sell parts to consumers. I am not sure about Ricoh/Pentax or Fuji.

Good luck!

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