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Laptops manufactured by Medion.

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My medion laptop wont turn on

i have a medion akoya model E6239 notebook pc i have not used it for a couple of weeks and when i went to use it earlier on it would not come on the power light comes on but there is nothing on the screen

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i have a medion akoya model p6640 or md 99220 notebook pc. but the keyboard of some alphabe (Y,T),number (4,8) and shift key, back space where not work what can i do?


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tina clark could be a power issue. You do want to check your AC adapter to ensure it delivers the proper voltage. By now your battery may be totally depleted so you do have to charge it for a while. Once you checked that connect an external monitor just to rule out that it is the LCD that has failed. If an external monitor displays the same. Remove the battery the power supply and all of your memory module. Then hold the power button down for 30-60 sec. Replace the AC adapter and see if it starts up. If so installed module at a time and see if it restarts. Should it hang up during one of those installs you know which part has failed. Of course it is also possible that your computer just cannot access any OS files. After restarting, press the F11 key or start up the Notebook with the F11 key held down to launch PowerRecover. You can also try to access your BIOS by pressing F2 key at startup. Check there if your computer recognizes the drives etc. Let us know what you find.

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