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Support for musical holiday decorations by Mr. Christmas Inc.

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Why is the carousel not turning and music not playing.

I have the Mr. Christmas Swing Carousel (Gold Label). I had it stored in a china cabinet and when I got it out to play the music, I turned it on, it hesitated, had some static, the music started up played a little, stopped and did not come back on. The carousel never did turn. I disconnected it from the power source and tried it again, this time it wouldn't turn on at all except for the lights at the top. Is this something that can be repaired and if so do you have any idea/recommendations on who == Heading text == would do this type of repair?

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Here's a wealth of information on how it repair it:


Here's where to get parts:


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A few months ago I found directions on YouTube to repair the exact model of my marquee grand carousel 2008. I am ready to repair the carousel and cannot find the repair video , can you tell me how to make my repair to make the horses go around. We think it needs a new rubber band. Also how do I choose a rubber band to be the right size?


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