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The Nextbook Ares 8A is an Android tablet released March 2017.

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The screen will turn on and show light but thers nothing on the screen

I have an nextbook ares 8, and one day it quit working all together. the screen will light up but wont show anything. the logo wont even come on.

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-did you verify if it has enough battery to boot?

-have you tried charging it for 30mins then turning it on again?

-has it been dropped or splashed or anything that might ruin the device?


yes it has had enough charge and i have tried charging it. No i havent splashed water on it droped it


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Use Recovery Mode to wipe cache. If that doesn't work, it's likely defective.

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How would I do that


i looked it up and it worked but it also had to do with a ribbon cable


How do you get to the recovery mode if the tablet will not turn on? Does anyone on this site know where I can find the manufactures website? It is new, bought for Christmas for my daughter, already runs extremely slow, glitches, and freezes, and now will show charging, but won't turn on. screen lights up dimly .. apps being used at the time will close for no reason, or prompts to. This is extremely frustrating because I have spent the past 2 hrs researching and searching for updates or anything I can find to fix these problems, and this is the closest I have gotten to finding an answer so far...... I feel these tablets are VERY cheaply made...


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