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For the 1995 model year, the first year the Outback was introduced, the Outback was a trim package on the base model Legacy wagon "L", that primarily consisted of the heavy cloth interior, berber carpet floor mats, a luggage rack and fog lights with a standard height suspension.

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Why is my car starts to stall sometimes and the red oil light is on

There is some gunk all over like something red is leaking. The car seems like it wants to stall out and a red oil light is on, why?

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What kind of oil do you use? (natural, synthetic etc)

how often do you change oil? (once every 3 mos? 6 mos? etc)

Try the ff and see if it improves:


[] check the oil level (confirm there is no leak)

[] get a big white paper and dip the tip of your Car DIP STICK at the center

[] wait for an hour or 2 (let the oil diffuse/spread from the center outward)

[] afterwards look for signs of metal fragments etc, if none found then your engine is unlikely damaged.

*Engine flush

[] pour an entire bottle of engine flush fluid into your oil reservoir (DO NOT DRAIN engine oil just yet) the cover.

[] run the engine for a few mins (basically follow the instruction on the engine flush fluid)

[] drain the engine oil

see if this helps

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Hi... red is usually power steering fluid but if your oil light is on, you will want to check your engine oil level. That's what I would start with to figure out "why".

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