How do I locate the schematic for this device?


My question is simple: How do I get the schematic for a Motorola Clutch i465?

I have a broken one laying around, but I am having trouble finding the schematic. It was out in the rain, for anyone who is wondering why it wasn't working(the battery is gone also). Any help would be appreciated.

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Why would you need the schematic to fix it? Its an old phone and probably not worth your time fixing. also if it was left in the rain there is probably some serious damage to the board that cannot be repaired.


Upon taking the phone apart, I found that the circuitry was hardly damaged at all. I made a rash decision though, and ripped the guards off the board. After doing so, I plugged it in and the backlights for the keys turn on, so something works. The reason I want the schematic is so that I can see if the guards were connected to anything important, so that I can reattach those things. As to the reason I want to fix it, I want to see if I can, simple as that. It poses a challenge for me and problems for me to solve.


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