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The Acer Chromebook R11 CB5-132T-C1LK is a laptop/tablet hybrid released in October 2015.

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Keys still not working after I replace the keyboard.

Howdy! I spilled coffee on my keyboard. All of the keys were still working, but they were crunching badly and sticking a little from the dried sugar. I replaced the keyboard with an upper from Ifixit and after the installation was complete, the v, f, r, 4, b, g, t, and 5 keys would not work. I assumed I had a faulty keyboard, so I bought another one and installed it also. The same keys will not work.

I am assuming I've damaged the connector somehow... Any recommendations on how to fix that? Would replacing the motherboard possibly fix the issue?

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I also believe that this is a connector problem. Since there is little chance that the two keyboards have the same exact faulty keys, we could assume that the problem lies inside the connectors of the motherboard to the keyboard. Replacing the motherboard would be the best bet to continue to ensure a fully functioning keyboard.

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