htc one m8 stuck on battery screen

Hey there

I was trying to rest factory setting on my rooted device and the it stucked in battery

screen.It was 100% charged while doing this.

I've some tools like Odin , HTC One M8 Toolkit 2 2.5.0 , One_M8_All-In-One_Kit_v2.0_3

All apps was able to recognize the device before .

But now it cant recognize the device while its stucked in that screen

Device status :

Charged 100%

Bootloader unlocked

Security S-on

I've tried to reboot it in recovery mode but its not responding at all

I've tried hold power + volume up or down or both but still no response

The screen only goes dark then the battery logo appears again

If any one please have any idea that's will be great.

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