Mac Pro 2,1 2007 no boot logo with genuine Apple GeForce 120

'''Hi there :)

I'm struggling with problem with no boot logo with my Mac Pro genuine 2,1 2007 (it is not not flashed 2006) - it is updated with latest Lion and all firmware updates - I even have had El Capitan on it - still no Apple boot logo

I've had even PC Radeon 6870 flashed to be Apple and no success.

I've got some experience with Macs but this time got no idea whats wrong :(

Both cards display Apple Boot logo in my Mac Pro 1,1 2006 ( but flashed to 2,1)

Strange thing with that flashed 6870 is detected as Radeon 6xxx - but in Mac Pro 2,1 2006 is detected as 6870'''

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