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Released November 13, 2011, this is the only model ever released. It can be disassembled with screwdrivers and a small amount of prying. Model # CECH-ZED1U

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Why does a thin green vertical line appear on the left of my screen

There is a thin green vertical line on the left side of the screen. Tried switching hdmi cables. No luck. Tried factory reset. No luck.

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@bethrob a single one pixel wide vertical line is usually caused by a Tab error. that is where the bond between the thin ribbon cables that enter your LCD screen, fails. Put some pressure on the top of the monitor where the line is and sometimes that line disappears for as long as the pressure is applied. There really is no DIY fix for it. Sometimes a carefully placed piece of tab can help for a bit. Marked the Tab's with arrows so you see what I am referring to.

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