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Support for musical holiday decorations by Mr. Christmas Inc.

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Where can I buy the adapter 8v for 1994 merry go round.

I can't find a a/c universal 8v adapter

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Did the adapter listed work for you? I'm having the same issue.


Have you found your adapter as yet? I need the same thing. Have searched every where online and local. (Austin Texas)

Mr. Christmas . com told me that we could find it at any store that carries adapters as long as we had AC V8. So far still no luck. Barbara


You can use the adapter that is used for Dyson vaccum cleaner sold at walmart


LotFancy Charger for Dyson Cordless Vacuum, V6 V7 V8 DC58 DC59 DC61 DC62 SV03 SV04 SV05 SV06 Absolut...

Sold on Walmart's website


You can use with another adapter and setup lower voltage.



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Watts= Amp*Volts


If the merry go round tells you the A and/or the V, you can do the math to adjust the universal AC adapter to output what you need.

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I used an adapter from another toy that was lying around. It did play the music but the carasouel itself wouldn't tur

Update (12/16/2019)

The adapter for Dyson vaccum works. Can be purchased on Walmart's website

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My son found an adapter , same thing happened as you. The Merry Go Round will no go around.


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