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Erste iPad Generation mit 3G, verfügbar mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität. Modell Nummer A1337. Reparaturen sind unkompliziert und verlangen keine Wärmezufuhr.

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Replaced comms board - now "There is a problem with your iPad"

I was repairing an iPad where the Bluetooth & Wifi was greyed out.

I thought the Wifi/BT chip on the comms board was faulty so I swapped the comms board with one from another iPad. Both are 3G iPads.

Now it just shows the "Connect to iTunes" screen and when I connec it says "There is a problem with your iPad."

All the connections seems fine. I've done a DFU restore and it does the same thing.

Is anyone able to help?



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I can confirm that your logic board and communications board MUST be pair to each other, otherwise there is NO way for you to activate the iPad.

This was my experience:

I bought very cheap and iPad 1st gen (64 GB, 3G) from a friend because it was totally death (no screen, no charge, nothing) and he didn't want it anymore. I did a diagnosis and the logic board was the culprit, so I bought another one from PowerbookMedic (used, in grade A condition).

I was happy to see that after the logic board replacemente the device came back to life, it charges, screen and digitizer works, etc, but it did not recognize my SIM card. I got stuck at the activation screen (after a lot of things and frustration) with the dialog: "There is a problem with your ipad"… indicating that I should take it to a Authorized Service Center or so.

So, as an Independent Service Provider in NIcaragua I call the AASC here and explained to manager my situation. After 24 hours he call me back, confirming that the boards (logic and communications) MUST be matched in the Apple Activation database, and that's why you can't activate it… moreover, she explain me that there is nothing they can do to change this in the database, because there is an administrative rule (not a technical one) that says that can't do that either… therefore that is something they can't request from Apple to do so.

By the way, the "Apple Technician Guide" sucks, it did not even mention the possibility to open the device. So no hope there. I guess that Apple want us to see this devices as dispensables.

So, basically I'm stuck there, and will as PowerbookMedic for a refund, because this is something that part retailers should know already (including iFixit) before selling you this without the match part.

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Did the DFU restore actually complete properly? If so, you may want to check all of your connections again as something is not communicating with the computer to let it 'activate' the device. You could also try pwnage tool to 'hacktivate' your device and bypass iTunes' activation process.

That's assuming that everything restored properly?

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Unfortunately, I have found that it seems the comm board and logic board seem to be "paired" up...

I can't understand why or what and a fix would be great, but what I DO know is that paired logic/comm boards work perfectly, whilst around 10 units I've had don't work with just a new board or just a new comm board....

Weird I know, but so far I've only gotten them working with matching boards...

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Hi Ashley,

You are definitely on to something there. It doesn't seem to make sense but it is there.

Considering this, how can we repair units with faulty comms boards?

Have you noticed anything similar with the iPad 2? Are there any issues that are already surfacing? The iPad 2 is still fairly new in South Africa and we haven't been able to work on any yet.


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The hardware identities of the iPad is hashed and sent up to apple, including IMEI and serial match. If it does not fit, the server will refuse activation, so once you replace the Cellular Board, you can no longer activate activate this device unless you swap it back. Your only way is to hackitivate it, or factory refurbish the device to reassign and re-register hardware identities. Which is impossible for any of us to do.

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