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The GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition (model no. CHDHN-302) was released in October 2013. This digital camcorder is capable of recording 1080p HD resolution video and taking 8MP pictures.

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Gopro freezes when pressing record button

my gopro hero 3+ silver works fine, I can navigate through menus, look through LCD bakpak but when I go to take a video or picture (regardless of quality) the entire camera freezes and sometimes the LCD goes black. I was using a lexar 633x card and bought a sandisk extreme card and it hasnt helped. Also have updated to latest firmware as well as tried to downgrade back to 2.0 and neither helped. Im thinking it is the Image Sensor as everyone is saying, however I dont want to drop $17 after shipping on something that isnt the problem. does anyone know what might be wrong?

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All the successful repair stories involving Hero4 freeze-ups & other models, have mentioned replacing the image sensor. It's worth a shot if you've located one for $17. Please share the results if you do decide to replace it. I have a Hero 4 Black locking up during menu navigation..and (just now) while recording. All that junk about SD cards & updates to fix freezes is plain bs. The issue is very much hardware.

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