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Replaced battery on dead iPod but now it wont charge

Hello, I had a dead ipod that when plugged in gave the error message with the triangle to charge it. So I replaced the battery and it came to life for a few minutes and i was able to view all the songs on the ipod and even connect it to my laptop. Since then it died again and went to white screen that said do not disconnect. I tunes kept telling me to restore the ipod but I don't want to lose my songs. I held down the menu botton and the centre botton and it came back to life. I can see all the songs but the battery will not charge. I put the original battery back in and and it still works but no charge-if i disconnect the battery it still shows no charge which is weird. the ipod only works when powered up via USB but if I connect to my computer it does not recognize it. Did I mess up this ipod? If so is there any way i can pull off all the songs off the harddrive or even put this hardrive into another ipod? Thanks in advance!

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For recovering your music, try Senuti: https://www.fadingred.com/senuti/

As for the rest, what happens if you completely disconnect the battery and then plug it in? Does the iPod work reliably? Does the computer see it?


Hi Steve, no the computer can power it and i can scroll through all the music on the ipod but the computer does not recognize the ipod.


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Your best option is getting a similar iPod same model number and switch the drive. At this point it sounds like a bad 30 pin port, you could attempt to replace it but it does involve quite an amount of soldering. Would just swap that drive, but my honest opinion is to also attempt to recover your songs because It's not long until that drive gives as well.

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If you switch the HDD to another iPod it will want to restore the iPod and will not let you recover your files. Get a Zif to USB connector and pull the files of with software like Tranpod etc.


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