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The Tiny Tot Driver is a children’s toy designed for children ages 12 to 36 months.

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Is there any way to change this from German to English?


A family member bought this for our little one but unfortunately it is in German, is there anyway changing this to English.



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I bought it from germane and I can not change the language


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I bought the Star Wars edition Vtech watch for my son here in California and it was set in German. It is very much changeable. You just go to the settings icon after you flip the master switch on. Press English and you’re good to go!

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Good morning I don't even know where the menu button is.where should I go first


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Um, the family member appears to have purchased it in German intentionally.

I studied it for three years in high school and three semesters in college, yet I can barely remember how to say 'hello' these days.

German is an excellent second or third language to learn with your children, for it's basically English without all of the exceptions in its syntax, spelling, and sound;)

If you are anxious to learn what the lesson recordings mean, simply put the speaker up to your microphone (computer or smart phone) in a Google Translate window however.

Hope that helps!

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I just bought vtech learning table for kids but is in German language how do i change it to English. Tnkx


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