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Das iPhone 6 mit dem 4,7 Zoll Display ist die kleinere Version des iPhone 6 Plus und kam am 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt. Es hat die Modelnnummern A1549, A1586 und A1589.

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Dead iPhone 6 after infinite boot loop

So i recently started having issues with my iphone 6 , screen was replaced months ago professionaly and it started working for about 4 months. After that i noticed it would lose battery all of a sudden from 100 to 70 then turn off and display low battery logo. I kept using it like that u till i dropped it again and had issues with my screen. So i replaced it again along with battery and it was stuck in a infinite loop, i tried itunes to restore it and everything would go good until it tried to boot it would stay on the infinite loop , well while messing with it i dropped it again and now i have zero power , no charging icon , no itunes , zero response like if its dead. Anyone else experience this? What can it be?

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I’m having similar issues with 2 6 plus’ i have. It sounds like for you, something dislodged from the board when you dropped it. Which means it could be a board level problem.

But before we think that, have you checked all the connectors? I would disconnect the battery(always first), then disconnect your screen, check the volume button and power button connectors. Disconnect them and reconnect them. Then inspect the ribbon cable near the battery connector. That is what provides power to your board from the lightning connector. Disconnect that and reconnect it. Then I would proceed with reassembly; plug your screen back in, and then plug your battery in and turn on.

If still nothing, maybe try to power cycle it, or recalibrate the battery. To do that, disconnect the battery, then press the power button and home button for about 20 seconds or longer to drain all the power, then reconnect battery and plug in for a few mins to the wall, not the computer. Let charge for a little and see what happens.

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