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How to disassemble Foodsaver Big Game Sealer.

I recently purchased a Big Game sealer, but it is not receiving power when plugged in. I've seen how-tos for older sealers, but not this one. There appear to be sealed screw wells, but I've tried prying those out to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm assuming one of the power connections came loose.

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While no expert on electric food saver machines, disassembling things is our nature when we can diy. Some equipment may have access screws hidden by rubber plugs that are feet, requiring removing each rubber foot plug before seeing screws holding main parts together. Other units hide access screws by covering them with product labeling. Using a fingernail pressed down on labeling as if forcing out trapped air under labels sometimes give way to dimples - poking a hole thru this indentation or carefully peeling away labeling (if interested in saving it to reapply) may reveal at least one assembly screw. Other areas hiding assembly hardware may be access panels, buttons, prying off finish covers having adhesive that are not meant to be removed.

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