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Identify correct power supply?

I want to purchase a new power supply which is identified as part # 661-3289 when I do the "ID your Mac" . The techie that diagnosed the problem said to make sure I order part # 661-3350. Will I be safe with the first one ? I don't want to return due to an ordering error.

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Your machine has ALS

661-3289 was replaced by 661-3625

Any of these will work with your model: 614-0366, 614-0326, 614-0398, 614-0353, 614-0296

These parts have ALS (Ambient Light Sensor), if you don't need ALS you can order this part and remove the ALS from this Power Supply. If this part is not in stock you can order part number 661-3350 with-out ALS and replace it with your old ALS before installing.


iMac G5 (20-inch), iMac G5 ALS (20-inch)

So check prices.

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