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The BLU Energy X Plus has a 5.5 ' HD display, 1GB ram, and an 8mp camera.

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Unwanted apps by google

The question I have is how do I free up internal memory space on my BLU Energy X Plus 2 internal storage? Seems Google has loaded the phone up with many apps, several I would never use. I've tried uninstalling them and the screen says they're disabled but that doesn't free up any space. I'm thinking this might not be a phone issue but one the carrier, Consumer Cellular, might be of help but I wanted to see if any members here had an opinion on this issue.

I've hunted across many internet sites and YouTube for suggestion but to no avail. Thought I'd try that first so I wouldn't become a nuisance on this site but here I am anyway.

Any suggestions on how this might be accomplished would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately, Google bloatware is part of the preinstalled operating system and cannot be removed. If you have Android 6.0, and an SD card, you may be able to format the SD as internal storage. What this means is it will combine your internal storage and the SD into a single storage space, making it appear larger and allowing you to add more apps.


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