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The Nokia N70 It is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera with built-in flash, a front VGA camera to allow video calling, FM radio, and Bluetooth.

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How to online nokia n70 when it is offline

how can i online my Nokia n70 when it is offline

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LUCAS VERDI can you be more descriptive with your question. I seem to have difficulty understanding what you are asking.


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Check the following

• Power off the phone, then power it back on. If it is working properly, it should ask "Continue in offline mode yes/no?"

• Check SIM card to see if it is properly seated. You may have a damaged SIM card slot?

• Check to see which profile your phone is set to. There are a few modes that put the phone offline.

@oldturkey03 -- N70 is a good old fashioned Symbian S60 OS based phone. Offline mode means its disconnected from the Cell Network.

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