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A wireless stereo headset from LG with retractable earbuds, released in 2016.

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Right side no longer working

I've only had these since yesterday but they've already broken. I was using them and readujusted my position. While doing this the right earbud played sound that going faint and then just cut out. Its happened with my phone and iPad so it's clearly not the device. What do I do as someone who has 0 experience with this kind of thing?

Edit: The functions of the right side buttons still work just fine. It's just an audio issue.

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@robynhood sounds like a broken connection from the left to the right side. At this time I would suggest you return those and see if it is covered under warranty. Otherwise you would have to tear them apart and this guide LG Tone Infinim HBS-910 Battery Replacement should get you to at least open them.

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