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Bad microphone audio during calls (handfree is working)

Hi guys!

since some days I'm experimenting problems in microphone audio during calls (latest lineageOs installed). Using handfree the other peoples hear me like ever (and it works when register audio, whataspp audio message but not calls), switching back to headset, the other people hear me very very far and diturbed; so it seems not an hw issue.

This happened some years ago (and I temporarly fixed it same way).. but there's someone that know why it happen (and then how to fix it)?

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There are many low volume post on Google. I replaced my mic and problem solved. If you do this I would replace the USB port and battery at the same time. Not a bad Idea to replace the screen digitizer and glass while your at it but opt for the replacement screen that comes with the middle frame. It is a lot easier to do.

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