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Released on June 23, 1996, Model NUS-001, 64-bit gaming console

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N64 no signal with AV cable

Hi all,

N64 is giving me a no signal message on my Samsung TV.

The power red light is on.

The same AV cable works on the GameCube.

I've tried removing Expansion Pack and different cartridges.

The console has worked in the past years (not played in the past 3)

Should I buy a SCART adaptor?

What else can I do to make it work?

Update (12/31/2017)

Fixed it, maybe. I extracted the Expansion Pack again, inserted the old pack, then inserted the Expansion Pack once more and it works.

Though now it does not detect controllers in port 1.

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Hi @felmaloney ,

Sounds as though the contacts were dirty. try cleaning them with IPA 90%+


Thanks, @jayeff

I opened and cleaned the controllers with alcohol, but do you mean cleaning the part you plug in?


I just had this issue, tried cleaning all contacts on console and games as well as re seating the expansion pak. Still the same fault; no signal.

What did fix it was slightly lifting the cartridge up after inserting it down fully, raising it up 3-5mm and it works perfectly!

Maybe all the gunked up dust at the bottom of the console cartridge port prevents a good connection(and is near impossible to access to clean).

Aztec level here we go!



Hi I have a old Nintendo 64 and it a model number is NUS-001 it has a rating 19 and we Lost are av cable and we buy some on eBay but they don't fit because we see a little line of wire so where could we get on all those on eBay are plastic but us need metal on so please help us to get that thank you


I have a Samsung smart tv and I got an av2hdmi adapter to get my N64 to work and all I get is the blue screen that says no signal. I've tried everything and cant seem to get it to work. What am I doing wrong?


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Hi @felmaloney ,

Apologies, I meant that the cartridge slot contacts should be cleaned and also the cartridge contacts as well if they are easy top get at

Here is a link Die du den Nintendo 64 Kassettenslot reinigst.

Oxidization of the metal contacts would have occurred over the 3 years that the game was not used and the rubbing action on the contacts in the cartridge slot by inserting and removing them has cleaned it a bit but not enough to ensure that they are properly clean and making for a good connection.

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I did exactly that a couple days ago and the games run now.

The problem now is that the start screen of the games displays a message saying no controllers are detected.

I cleaned them thoroughly a few days back, but I'm certain everything was in place by the end.


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Hi @billie365 ,

Did you get something like this or did you get one like this

The first type doesn’t work as it doesn’t convert the analogue AV signals into the required digital HDMI signals.

The second type is a converter which does.

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