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Loud static noise from bottom microphone when recording or calling


One week ago I replaced my Lightning connector because the older one wasn't charging anymore. After I reassembled everything and turned on my iPhone I found that when sending vocal messages on Whatsapp, recording on Vocals memo a static noise is present, sometimes it gets louder and sometimes it is almost imperceptible. Not only, I found that during calls the receiver hears a strange noise, like the one made by jackhammers. After that, I tried 3 new connectors bought from different shops online, but I had the same problem every time and I still have the same problem.


I found out when calling with Wi-Fi only (cellular data off) the jackhammer noise doesn't exist, confirmed by the receiver, but a loud whistle is heard by both at the start of the call.

Can someone help me to find out what's happening?

This problem is haunting me.

Thanks in advance,


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The sure-fire way to determine whether a hardware or software problem is causing your iPhone to make static noises is to restore your iPhone. If you go to an Apple Store, a tech will always try to fix the software before repairing or replacing your iPhone. An iPhone Restore erases and reloads all the software on your iPhone, so the software is as new as when it came out of the box.

To restore your iPhone, you’ll need to connect it to a computer with iTunes. Make sure you back up your iPhone before you begin, because the restore process erases everything on your iPhone, including your personal data. You can restore your data from a backup when you set it up again.

There are three types of restores, and I recommend doing a DFU restore to attempt to solve this issue. It’s the deepest type of restore, and if this is a problem that can be solved, a DFU restore will solve it.

After your iPhone finishes restoring, it’s easy to tell whether the problem has been solved, especially if the static noises were coming from the speaker on the bottom of your iPhone.

First, make sure the ring / silent switch on the side of your iPhone is pulled to the forward “on” position. You’ll have to connect to Wi-Fi as you begin the setup process. You should hear clicking noises as you type in your password. If everything sounds OK, there’s a good chance the speaker on the bottom of your iPhone is undamaged.

If you were hearing static from your iPhone’s earpiece, you’ll need to walk through the entire setup process and make a phone call to determine whether or not the problem has been solved. If you’re still hearing static after you restore, your iPhone probably needs to be repaired.


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