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Repair information for the Nextbook Ares 10A. Released in December of 2016. Model number: NX16A10132S.

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Why isn’t my tablet allowing me to run any apps?

I bought my tablet not even a month ago and every time I go to use it, it always says the app I’m on isn’t responding and it freezes a lot there isn’t one time it doesn’t? What can I do to stop that? I’ve never had a problem out of a nextbook doing that till I got the ares 10a!?

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My tablet is not letting me in to any of my apps. But they will let me in just one app, I can’t even get on the network either and I want to know what can you do.


my tablet will run ok on the internet but the 2 games and 2 tv chanels i downloaded won’t run! i’m either going to brake a finger or the screen touching it so hard! please help



Did you check that the Android version in the tablet meets the requirements of the apps?


I have done all those things and held down power, volume down, and home button to factory reset I only have 2 games downloaded now and it still runs super slow wont run my games half the time and when it does they are so slow it's not even worth it.


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Alot of these tablets ship after they have been setting a while and the software gets a little out dated before it is sold. Sometime updating the software to the latest version can help. If that dosen't do the trick you may have to reset it back to factory settings.

Update (01/05/2018)


Power off device, select volume up and then power, hold power for 5-7 seconds and let go without releasing volume up. When u get the android menu scroll down to wipe data navigating with the volume buttons and then to wipe data.

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Also dont forget to back up your data..


Where can you get fresh updates? I went thru the settings to update but it says its up to date. Is there a suit¿


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