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Produced by HP, this Energy Star laptop has a 11.6 inch display, a 360° hinge, a touch screen, and a quad core processor. This laptop can be identified by its model number, m1-u001dx.

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Can I fix my laptops on button myself?

I was cleaning my the in side of my laptop and accidentally knocked something off. I checked and it's the little button that serves as the button that turns the laptop on. I have pictures of the button I knocked out https://m.imgur.com/lDocLRt


Can I fix this myself or should I get it repaired by a professional?

[Edit] If you need more pictures I can give them.

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Yes, you can repair it:

1) You should have the tools.

2) You need to be very careful because if you're not, you can mess up other things.

3) You need to have some medium soldering skills, because probably you will need to perform a SMD (Surface Mounting Device) soldering, and that is not as easy as you may think.

I recomend you to practice with some other things like old radios or some china cheap electronics (you can use them for practice if the components don't have a little metallic stick that passes through a hole because that is through hole soldering (you may not see little sharp soldering points) and you need ALL the tools)

I recomend you to ask a friend with soldering skills to do that because you should not practice with your pc motherboard.

Also, if you will do it, I recomend you to look tutorial videos of SMD soldering.

Greetings, Koxx.

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