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Brand Name: Bose Model: 331394-0010

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De oorkussens zijn versleten en moeten vervangen worden.


  • Waar kan ik nieuwe oorkussens bekomen?
  • Zijn er nieuwe oorkussens beschikbaar?

English: The ear pads are worn and must be replaced.

  • Where can I get new ear cushions?
  • Are new ear cushions available?
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Have you tried looking on ebay?


@danj, don't change questions and answers others posted if you don't know the language. You listed German, which is actually Dutch!


@avanteguarde - My apologies, I'm getting rusty.

I'll admit I'm not a native speaker of either Dutch or German (was in Germany for 5 yrs and traveled a lot in Europe). They are so much alike and then their are a few different dialects of German and then theres Flemish!


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Dutch: Weet niet zeker welk model dat is, maar ze zijn te vinden op eBay.

English: Not sure which model that is, but they are found on eBay.


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@avanteguarde I did not recognize this was an erroneous edit in the language department. You got it covered. Did not look like my mother tongue.....;-)


Admittedly Google translate isn't very good sometimes, which is probably why. But legitimately, my question still is does it cost a lot to ship from Germany to the Netherlands?


@avanteguarde Google definitely is not to blame for that one:-) That was definitely not German ;-) Did not used to be to costly during my time over there but things have changed in the last few decades. Just checked the Netherland postage and it looks like around €8 Not cheap!


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