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Samsungs Flaggschiff-Smartphone, das Galaxy S8. Erschienen im April 2017.

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Why dissassemble entire phone to replace broken glass?

I need to replace the broken glass on a Galaxy S8. The LCD and digitizer are still fine, so I really only need to replace the glass, not the whole screen. Since entire screens are still $200 but the glass is just $20-30, obviously I want to replace just the glass. Although I haven't found a specific guide for that here on ifixit for just the glass replacement, there are plenty of YouTube videos of the process. One thing I don't understand is why they take apart the whole phone first from the back when only replacing the front glass. Can anyone tell my why that's important?

It seems to me I should be able to just apply heat directly to the front glass and take it off, then just glue a new glass on. I'd really prefer to not worry about messing up some of the internals.

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LCD connector runs through the center plate and will rip if you try to take the front off first.

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you take apart the whole phone because the heat that is applied to the screen can damage the internals.

Edit: I know you need to apply heat to the back but it's safer.

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It's just to protect the smaller components from the heat.

To be frank, I just removed the motherboard and carefully apply heat as I disassemble the LCD/Digitizer.

Once I get an opening I just apply small amount of heat and go through the adhesive in the back. I've never had an issue with this process.

The only time I completely disassemble the phone is when I need to preserve the LCD, this is for S7 and lower that requires you to get some access to the LCD to remove the motherboard.

good luck

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If we use freezing technic to remove the glass, do we still need to diassemble the phone?


I'm not sure of this technique you speak of, nor have I heard of it.

Just remember the battery is exposed right behind the LCD/Digitizer. If you puncture it then you're going to want to get another one.


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You are right bro. I think no need to dismantling a whole phone especially only broken front glass . Heat up upper side slightly and pass wire between lcd and glass and seprate by intermittent heating and pulling wire , overtop at earpiece mesh. Care should be taken to LOCA applying is must .mask with tape entire rim of phone precisely before pouring of LOCA. Then clean exess and put under UV for curring. That's It.

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